Tuesday, April 10, 2007

wiring up a RHD driveline in a LHD car- easiest way.....

if you break it down, there are several harness bundles on a JDM wrx ej20g;

ECU/bulkhead- fills the entire interior
engine bay fusebox
fan harness - front of car
dash harness (attached to your dash)
body rear harness - goes to Fuel pump, tails, signals.

ECU bulkhead connects directly to engine harness, BUT needs to send signal to dash, and get signal from imputs - clutch pedal, etc

picture 2 identical cars- one is LHD and one is rhd. the ecu's will be on reverse sides, the steering column on reverse sides. now picture what you would need to do to make your NA 2.5rs the same car but just RHd... assuming engine and everything stays the same, and the mechanical parts were already bolted in.....

it would just be re-routing the wiring right?

so lets assume the same thing. all ej20g is in the engine bay, the wiring is all hooked up. you have to have the ecu and the steering stuff switch sides (smart re-routing and extending of some wires). then you need to feed the dash stuff - you'll have to do a bit of splicing there bc EJ20G and 2.5rs are a couple generations apart.

then feed the rear lights and fuel pump etc. JDM wrx is 1 plug with 26 wires, usdm has 3 plugs with about the same number of wires. easy test light will do it-

see my logic? its FAST.

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