Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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lets break down the subaru Ignition system differances

theres 2 styles

Waste spark (old and new) - WS
theres phase 1 (early 89-1998 - external ignotor) and phase 2 (late 1999+ - ignitor built into base of coilpack)

Coil On Plug (old and new) - COP
theres phase 1a/b (89 legacy rs 2 bolt - later ej20G/H 1 bolt - single Q45/sr20det ignitor )
phase 2 (GDA/GDB, individual ignitor)

Waste Spark:

Early Waste spark is compatible between- i.e. you can fit a Ej20K coilpack on a EJ18 93-95, the parts are interchangable.

You can also Convert a external ignitor WS (phase 1 ej18) into phase 2 WS (built in ignitor). you would bypass the ignitor and wire directly into the ignitor on base of coilpack - This was done first by a member who did SOHC ej25 into EJ18 car with EJ18 wiring taht wanted to keep the EJ25 sohc coil/ignitor combo and plug wires. Very smart.


Ext ignitor COP phase 1 can be converted to individual ignitor COP phase 2. ala Rob's GDB style conversion. very good write up by rob- took me an hour and half to do the conversion on my car last night, very good job Rob.

This conversion allows people with Ej20G's to be able to run reliable non-cracking Coilpacks and simplity things by having no ignitor, individual ignitors. Easier for troubleshooting too, only one thing to replace if cylinder 4 is missing- the entire COP+intergrated ignitor for #4.

COP -> waste spark conversion.

ALA jolly green giant on scoobynet- thats who i give the credit to, ala EJ20G wrx - > ej20K spark system conversion.

Basically a waste spark sparks #1 and #2 at same time for the instance that a COP would spark 1 and 2 individually. the ecu signal for 1 and 2 trigger the front paired WS setup to spark both. One is wasted, but its not that big a deal. IF you wanted to pop n drop a EJ20K intake manifold or full motor into a EJ20G car, you could convert the Ej20G cop INTO waste spark BY;

merging trigger 1/2 and 3/4 togeather to feed the front and the back of the WS coils repectively. Power the WS with 12v constant. 3 wires on phase 1 WS setup - one is 12v, one is front pair signal trigger and one is rear pair signal trigger. No Ground invloved.

This is arguably the Cheapest and easiest way to have reliable Ej20G spark. from personal experiance of having COP failure at laguna seca 3x in a row 3 months in a row, i found that running on 3 cylinders was not good for gas milage or power or lap time (although a stock s2000 is slower than my subaru in 3 banger form)

Video here:

Another issue that i'd like to address is the trend of EJ22t Legacy guys going to Ej20G ecu's and worrying about the 4 COP setup. Keep the ej22t WS setup and just wire the 1/2 and 3/4 signals to the WS setup

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