Thursday, December 20, 2007

how to replace a broken subaru lugnut

stock stud changes are piece of cake. if you are fitting ARP extended longstuds, the front will go on pretty straightforward with a bit of wiggling, rear dosnt work unless u pull the hub apart.

Tone ring can be replaced by getting a replacement, Cutting the circle into 2 semi-circles, bolting on and then JB welding in place. You an get a tone ring for free if you ask around enough. better than tearing the hub apart to replace a perfectly good bearing (if your bearings are going then its a differnt story)

studs are easily replaced:

Wheel stud replacement DIY:

Cost : $1.50

Buy stud at local auto parts store, cost you $0.99 each (last time i checked)

lift/jackstand car
remove wheel
remove brake caliper - 2- 14mm (rear) or 17mm (front) bolts
remove rotor (may require some bam bam if rusty)

take your 5 lb mini sledge ($15 at home depot) and bash the broken one out. a couple nice taps and hes out.

Subaru wheel studs are press fit. Wiggle it into place from the back, give it a couple taps with a mallet to center it (there are little splines)

get 1 lugnut that you dont want anymore (or buy a $0.50 one from your local auto parts store- they have this stuff in stock).

put spacer over the stud- i have used open end wrenches before, be creative. put lugnut on, tighten . make sure goes on straight and bottoms out- will take some force to seat-

after its good, reinstal rotor, caliper, wheel. torque caliper bolts to 40 lb-ft, lugnuts to 85 lb-ft.


check torque on lugnuts after a short drive and in a week, as the lugnut may settle.

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