Thursday, August 31, 2006

2.5RS vs impreza L

2.5RS is garbage. Yes, your beloved 2.5RS is only worth having for the shell. the only part of the exterior worth keeping is the headlights, fenders, doors and trunklid, the only part interior is the dash it self. In some senarios, its worth the cost spent to have a nice clean shiny shell :). Othertimes, its a waste of money.

Many people with 2.5RS's end up modding them up to stop and sell it to buy an impreza L - Why? lets discuss.

Impreza L - buy in ~ $2500 bux for a good clean one
impreza RS - $9000 for a decent one

L - avail in OBD1, easier to pass emissions
RS - OBD2 only

L - i want the 2.5Rs look - spend $1200 on JDM lightweight bumper/aluminum sti hood/headlights/sideskirts conversion and you are there. Direct EASY bolt on.
RS - it looks good, but the hood is a brick and the bumper is heavy. $500 bux to spend

L- my rear bumper has an ugly stripe, so im buying the JDM version 3/4/5/6 bumper - $300
RS - my bumper has the ugly stripe, its just painted - $300 for the good looking bumper

L- EJ18 dosnt make any power, so im going to JDM ej20 swap. - $1500-4500
RS- my EJ25 has bad head gaskets and dosnt make any power either - $2500+ because i have to do OBD2, if no need for smog its same as an L

L- i want a real gearbox - $1050 + $150 for hydro pedal box conversion
RS - my NA gearbox isnt that great either - $1050

L- i have no LSD - $350
RS- my VLSD is same as no LSD (i just paid extra for it with the price of the car) - $350

l- i need suspension - $800
RS - i need suspension too - $800.

L- convert to rear disc brakes - $350 for rear hubs + JDM vented rear brake setup
RS - change rear brakes to JDM vented rear -$150

L - my seats suck - $800 for some RECARO SRD's or JDM sti seats
RS- my seats arnt that great either - $800 for the same

When all is said and done, the L owner has spent ~$1500 or so more on modifications than the RS owner, but spent $6500 LESS on buying the car. Saved money on insurance is also significant, Which route seems better to you?

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