Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gearbox FAQ.

5 speed:

everyone asks about 6mt conversion. if you have a spare $7000 that you're dying to throw away, stop reading and go directly to the 6mt section.


USDM WRX gearbox is not weak. its just geared terrible to pass emissions stateside, and make the 0-60mph test a 1 shift deal. 100 mph capable 3rd gear is nobody's friend unless you've watched wangan midnight too many times, or live in houston texas - the land of the everyday wangan commute.

many people come to us for our JDM 4.11 5mt gearboxes. similar to a usdm NA 2.5RS gearbox, they are geared for ej20 turbo engine powerband, and are short ratio. 1 and 2 are longer, 3/4/5 closely spaced to keep you in turbo powerband. it is niice. many 12 second cars that run these with GDB ej207 setups.

for the average human being, you will want a plane jane WRX 4.11 5mt. Easy on the wallet at the gas pump, good ratios to keep you happy in turboland on the track or mountain pass.

4.44 vs 4.11 vs 3.9.

in the 5mt world (refering to REAL gearboxes), there is only 1 3.9 fd gearbox. 1995 sti-RA version 2. very rare - it is my very most favorite gearbox, but extremely expensive and very hard to come by.

4.44 vs 4.11

in the 2.5RS fanboy world, everyone wants a 4.44. why? because the number is impressive. the shortest geared subaru gearbox is a 4.11. 1993-1995 WRX-RA (non-sti) for gravel competition is utterly short. to run on tarmac, you better have a 9,000 rpm motor or be running on a low speed track. not useful for streetcars, it causes all the poseur fanboys to run out of gas money quickly.

the later version 5/6 cars and sti version 3-6 had 4.44 final drives. gearing was slightly LONGER than the 4.11 cars (version 1-2) in some circumstances. shorter final drive + longer gears = longer final drive + shorter gears. No differance.

the 95 3.9 FD sti-ra box I drive personally is shorter than the version 5/6 4.44 sti-ra box. Again, the differance is in the overal gearing, not just the final drive.

if you would like to build a version 5/6 clone car, perhaps think about making it RHD first. There are no LHD JDM cars.

We are all about the best bang for the buck, if you want a 4.44 box for the bragging rights we're happy to take your money, but the same results can be hand with a 4.11 box for half the price.

6MT swap.

6mt+cheap = NO.

lets break down a 6mt conversion price matrix;

ghetto style 6mt conversion:

most inexpensive 6mt gearbox - $3000
use 5mt clutch - $0
automatic R160 driveshaft - $100
3.9 FD r160 rear diff - no lsd (assuming you already have one) - $0
shiping $200, misc fluids $50, labor is free (DIY)

$3350 bux.

proper 6mt conversion -

DCCD 6mt gearbox - $4500
6mt clutch and light flywheel $750
R180 6mt driveshaft - $200
R180 rear diff- suretrack LSD - $600
R180 rear axels $300
R180 brembo big hubs $400
brembo rear brakes $350
shiping $200, misc fluids $50, labor is free (DIY)

$7350 - Properly done.

the differance is in the good parts, the best part of the 6MT parts is not the ability to brag about having 1 more gear, or the ability to stupidly do awd clutch kicks (untill your axels break). The best part of the 6mt conversion is the R180 suretrack LSD, the big strong hubs and axels, and the 12.8" rear brembos that make you stop good. Those parts are so nice that we run them with JDM 5MT's on our own cars.

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