Thursday, March 27, 2008

confusion about ej20g varieties


contrary to popular belieft, subaru rarely does anything special in the engine department. a ej20G is like a USDM E36 M3, its nothing special, and even less trick than the 1 throttle single vanos (as compared to the 6 throttle 320ps, smg, Eurospec double vanos car).

the wagon engine is BETTER than the sti, BETTER than the sti-RA, Better than the wrx-ra.

ej20G= all 1992-1996 2 liter turbo engine. all were DOHC 4 valve, all had same heads, same block casting (there were two, the open deck is much better than the oldass garbage closed deck). All cams were same, all valves were same, ONLY the 1994/5/6 Sti-RA and Sti-RA V-limited ONLY (none others, and i mean NONE others), had a mechanically actulated valvetrain instead of the hydrolic lifter. This was a high performance modification, not a street car part. Those parts are not designed for daily driven car use. you would be best to leave them in a track only car, not street car.

the wagon motors are less beat on bc of the smaller turbo. Everything else is the same, all eletronics, only the turbo and ecu are the difference between WRX, WRX-RA, WRX wagon, STi, Sti wagon. All longmotors are the same for the most part, all cranks and rods are forged, some pistons are forged, some are hypercast - the hypercast ones are more durable and weigh the same. they also can take on limit 30 psi of boost before other things become unhappy.

if you read the post, it pretty much details the entire part structure of the car. Its custom combination from the best of subaru OEM offerings, diff and corners from 2004 ver8 gdb, trans from ver2 sti-ra v-limited, engine from low abuse wagon, you would be upgrading the turbo and fuel system regardless of which ej20g varient you picked, as they are all the same and all fall short at the same power output (which oem hits easily) at 320 crank ps. Injectors are all 440cc and max 98 duty about there.

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