Saturday, March 29, 2008

FF impreza rear sway bar conversion

If you happen to have a FWD impreza, here are some things of note:

FWD impreza was never sold stateside with rear sway bar or rear disc brakes.

Rear sway bar conversion:

parts needed:

2 rear lateral links w/ sway bar mounting points -OEM is easy, or many aftermarket adjustible arms to choose from
2 sway bar links w/ hardware -oem or aftermarket
2 sway bar mounts + sway bar clamp (05+ usdm WRX parts are direct bolt on and an upgrade in strength). Aftermarket like notec or MRT comes to mind as well.
1 sway bar -oem or aftermarket, you pick
2 sway bar bushings - to sit the sway bar in its mounting point in the c clamps.

FWD cars have different rear X members than AWD. the ID of the FF rear X member mounting hardware is larger than the mounting hardware of the AWD, so the original AWD inner bushing must be pressed out before a proper FWD inner bushing is pressed in to fit- This requires a hydrolic press or building your own bushing install tool with C clamps and pipes. Not for noobies or those unwilling to look for a local shop w/ hydrolic press- you will not be able to physically remove or install OEM subaru bushings w/o some proper tooling.

the good news: new oem inner bushings are $17 each at your dealer (at least back in 2000 when I did it it was :P)

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