Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Legalization of RHD JDM cas

there are a various number of ways a car can be legalized, sometimes half legit, etc. there are alot of legalized cars running around California (i.e. noble M12, B10 alpina, M5 wagon, 996 GT2, the S15 down the street from me, etc

it can be done. I can assist those who are very serious, alot of money will need to be spent. i suggest you diy, because it is not that hard. if you dont have alot of cash to waste, don't even bother about it because theres no cheap easy way to do it.

basic ways to import a JDM car to the usa:

2 ways to do it:

ship in:

sneak complete / sneak disassembled

Drive in: buy Canadian car, somehow drive it into the states legally, go through paperwork to transfer CDN to USDM VIN/reg.

Loophole: Florida/ Bermuda triangle style, some small island + port customs loophole, etc. evolution imports is in this game. many many many JDM cars in florida, some legal many not.

If its worth it or not, i cannot say, seemly the price of a second hand 911 (or M3 or M5) is close to what many of these importing projects (or full RHD Conversions) end being..... performance with higher level cars is ultimatly always better. the better the starting DNA, the better the evolutionary product (esp in enthusist hands).

honestly, with avalibility of JDM parts stateside, and the relative cheapness of a GC8 shell, theres no point in importing a jdm impreza of any sort, the same performance can be found stateside in an 04-06 sti.

the really really nice GC8 imprezas pop up often in europe, but importing and duty and dealing with USD weak sauce is exactaly that.

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