Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cali smog BS.

cali smog BS. explained :)

2 splits - OB1 car and OBD2 car.

if your car is OBD1 - 1992-1995 mid, your life is easy.

california smog checks only a few things:

#1. no CEL
#2 no loose crap in the engine bay- everythign is OEM looking and such
#3. sniffer. have a proper cat and if its healthy, it will pass. AWD means no dyno, just 2 speed idle

if you pass all those, AND your smog tec dosnt know you have a JDM ej20 in your engine bay you are A-OK.

id your car is OBD2 1996+ you have to deal with a pain in the ass.

#1. bribe smog guy and get illegal smog. easiest way to do it, going rate in SJ was ~ 300 or so.
#2. usdm EJ205/Ej257 swap. stuff in the full motor and electronics - its really the electronics that pass OBD2, the JDM and usdm mechnicals are almost identical.
#3. JDM ej207 or Ej205 AVCS + usdm wrx ej205 wiring and ecu and intake manifold for TGV's to pass smog. once you pass, remove the weak usdm TGV manifold and swap ecu's to JDM. then you have it.

obviously the obvious needs to be done.

- proper wiring - done up right, no cel's and weird stuff.
- no loose crap, no riceboy BOV or you wont pass visual, engine bay has to look OEM
- you have to run cats and not have exhaust leak or sniffer may be hard. many people pass without cats, but if u going to do it, do it once and do it well.

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