Friday, September 08, 2006

pedalbox whatnots

swapstar productions

clutch pedal box specifics:

a pedal box includes the brake/clutch pedal and the gas pedal. u dont need the gas pedal, thers no differance. u dotn even need to remove the cable to install hte other 2.

u can get one at the dealer for a huge amount of money brand new or a J-yard like the one i listed above.

shoudl cost liek $100 or so.

what will work is listed above in the post too. u can read rite?

same with the line business.

if u get the USA GC8 2.5RS, u can use oem everything, pedalbox, clutch MC, hardline, bracket to firewall, soft line, etc.

no matter what, a turbo clutch needs a turbo slave cylinder, so it would be up to u to find a slave cylinder from a hydro clutch turbo car.

assuming the convertor is driving either

A: FWD with cable clutchimpreza, AWD impreza with cable clutch, or AWD impreza with hydro clutch and NA transmission

there are:

LHD/RHD cable clutch cars
LHD/RHD NA hydro clutch cars
LHD/RHD Turbo hydro clutch cars.

for a turbo trans:

***pedal box can use: ***
LHD hydro clutch cars
LHD hydro AND turbo clutch cars.

***clutch MC can use:***
LHD Hydro NA
LHD hydro turbo
RHD Hydro turbo - with modification to shaft

***clutch line use:***
LHD GC8 hardline/bracket/softline
LHD GDA hardline/bracket/softline --MAY NOT WORK forsure (however i think it can work - ill check it on my friends car)
RHD GC8 hardline (custom bend) LHD GC8 2.5rs bracket + soft line
OR the easiest solution. custom stainless steel line with adapter to bipass usage of hard line and 90 deg. bend at MC

***clutch slave cylinder use:***
LHD or RHD GC8 JDM EDM UK TDM ADM WRX (basically everywhere but USDM)
USDM Legacy turbo 91-94 EJ22

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