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FWD to AWD conversion info

swapstar productions

FWD->AWD converison how to:

the car:
93 FWD impreza L. cable actulated clutch, FWD axels, FWD small diameter clutch/friction disc, flyhweel

what went in:

94 WRX-STI 4.11 turbo trans, hydro pull style clutch,
GDA USDM WRX exedy clutch and light flywheel,
springs and clips and misc hardware from 94 legacy turbo
97 JDM 4.11 rear LSD diff, axels,
94 JDM driveshaft,
02-03 USDM GDA sti transmission mount,
94 JDM trans H-member(centre/front brace)
01 RS trans h-member rear brace
94 JDM WRX-STI shift linkage
99 USDM 2.5 RS hydro pedalbox, modifitted JDM Clutch MC (shaft should be shortened 2.25 inches) with silly RHD heat shield
stainless steel custom clutch line (fabbed locally)
95 impreza L AWD diff x-member and braces/brackets
1 front axel from 96 legacy 2.2L
1 front axel from JDM 94 WRX

parts already in the car from previous AWD rear end conversion:

98 outback hubs, rear x-member, lateral links,
96 impreza outback e-brake cables,
94 impreza AWD gas tank,
whiteline endlinks, fram mount pads
20mm STI rear sway bar
STI v6 struts/springs

yeha. thats my crazy parts list. not to mention the vented 1 pot rear brake upgrade (JDM WRX or USDM legacy turbo) that went on at the same time, and the frantic business what not.

okay, so u have a FWD. u want AWD. on top of it u want a JDM gearbox from a turbo car.

#1. find about $2K or so
start collecting parts, MAD MAD MAD parts.

the break down*********

trans- the JDM 4.11 trans i got outa a front clip, it came with shift linkage, incomplete trans mount brace, worn out trans mount, slave cylinder with cut flex line, JDM RHD pedal box, RHD clutch MC with shaft too long and funny heat shield and wrong side metal line

what u need:
RHD JDM pedalbox DONT Work. the clutch MC is on the wrong side. u can reuse the clutch MC, but u need to shorten the shaft about 2.25 inches. or get a MC from a USA car. $45 is what they cost used

USA hydrolic pedalbox assembly. u need clutch/brake pedals
canidates to pillage in order of un-obtainum:

usa turbo legacy 5 speed
outback/legacy 2.5 manual
98-01 GC8 2.5 RS
GDA WRX - stimpy says it dosnt fit, ive seen it fit in a 98 2.5RS
dealer. about $350 AND u gota order a million little parts and put it all togeather. bad deal

i got mine for $100+$25 for overnight outa a 99 RS from a j-yard. 1.800.248.yard -brickyard in indiana

MC: if u use the USDM (GC8 ideal) part, get the hardline, the soft line and just plug and play it. if u use the JDM, screw the hardline adn get a custom stainless steel line. about 16" is good, cheaper than buying a hardline $15?, a bracket $15, and a soft line $27.

trans mount- FWD and AWD are completely differnt, by the time u think about doing this u should have a giant box of bolts in all sorts and sizes -HOPEFULLY,or a j-yard that u can grab everyhing at. otherwise u WILL PAY. DEARLY for thses little things.

the AWD trans has a front brace (r-L), a middle bar (F-R), and a rear brace (R-L). the trans mount hang out on the middle bar, 14mm/17mm hardware required. forgot the specs bc i have a giant box o screws/nuts. u need little cusions between the pieces and special plate things (2) one has spaces welded on it, one has 2 studs for it. go to your parts dep. and get a diagram for a 99 2.5RS or somthing. any AWD impreza should work. the pieces new are $$$. paid $75 for the rear brace and about $45 for misc crap ineeded related to it. get it form your J-yard if at all possible.

shift linkage:

im guessing the parts from a GC8 2.5RS or any AWD will work, i dont know for sure. i got my misc nuts/bolts. spacer thing at the dealer from a 94 legacy turbo. also $$$, get it intack if possible, again do the diagram thingy.


the trans has a few things attached to it:
slave cylinder -specific to turbo car, NA wont work
giant round shaft thingy that the clutch fork pivots on
end bolt/slug that keeps the shaft in
clutch fork
spacer thingy and tab for spring guy to clip on to on the outside of the shift fork
spring to keep the clutch fork pulled forward
rubber boot - i got one from a 94 legacy turbo -$17
throwout bearing -any turbo car(legacy, usa WRX) will work
pilot bearing- all subaru is the same
flywheel- JDM GC8 turbo is same as USA wrx and legacy turbo, im using a 14# exedy USA wrx part
clutch cover - usa wrx and JDM gc8 wrx is the same. im using EXedy part for USA wrx
friction disc. same as the previous 2 things.
starter - all manual trans subaru is the same. im using OEM 1.8L FWD 5 speed one from 1993.

so the trans is taken care of.


several styles of driveshaft exist. theres a kind wiht small holes and a slot on one side, theres a kind with big holes and spacer/cusions on each end, etc.

find out waht driveshaft u have and get the parts required for it. i hadthe slotted kind, supposedly all 5 speed driveshaft from impreza should work.

rear diff. if u have a 4.11, a 98-01 GC8 RS is 4.11, 00-01 is LSD, if u get LSD u need the LSD axels too. USDM AT wrx is 4.11 LSD, most likely the wagon axels are what u need, sedan may have widetrack and are longer??

u need also a rear diff Xmember, any AWD impreza will work. its got the 4 studs to bolt the diff into, the cover plate for the front, the rear mounting bolt / plate

okay. thats what i had to do

IF u havnt convered your rear end yet........

u need a AWD gas tank, AWD (disc brake) hubs lines .knuckles. calipers. rotors. the whole shabang, AWD lateral links, AWD disc e-brake cables, AWD struts/springs, might as well do the rear sway bar swap as well, get the links, the frame mounts, endlinks, the bar, etc.


that is my write up on my FWD--->awd converison. it was pretty nuts.

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